Sunday, March 28, 2010

Early Easter

We were lucky to have some early Easter fun together as a family. Isabella was excited to sit in the Gator car on the Kiddie Train (The cars were all painted for different SEC teams).

Joshua was more interested in the gate than the animals.

Isabella loved the bunny rabbits.

All smiles until she was bodyslammed by a big boy. She is still telling me how they need separate malls for boys and girls so they can have separate playplaces. This idea stemmed from an encounter with a rowdy boy at Oaks Mall over a month ago, so I can only imagine the plans she is devising for "girls only" bounce houses.

While everybody gathered for the Easter Egg hunt Joshua had free reign of the bounce house. Good thinking Kurt!

This egg hunt didn't require much searching but it did require speed. Luckily, the kids were divided into age groups so Isabella was with other 3 and 4 year olds.

Where's Isabella?

Joshua was over in the 1 and 2 year old area. He picked up one egg, turned around and walked away from the action. It would have been a great video, but Kurt was recording Isabella at the moment. We kept trying to get a picture of him with an egg in his hand but he would throw the egg before we could.


Boyd Family said...

In the first pic where you are holding Joshua he looks JUST like your twin! Talk about mini me!

Boyd Family said...

Jess and I were looking at these pics and smiling at how handsome Joshua is when Jessie said, "I wish I could see my aunt!" We love you guys!

Allison Scherer said...

I wish I could see my niece!

Ingrid said...

I wish I could see my niece and nephew and sister-in-law and brother! Joshua is one handsome boy and Isabella is a beauty!

allison nadauld said...

I wish I could see them too! I love how their genders shine through already. I totally agree with the jump house for ladies. And Joshua's need to throw the eggs is awesome. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful children. And you and Kurt aren't too bad yourselves. What a nice Easter.

Rainy Day Farm said...

cute pics...looks like you guys had lots of fun. Joshua will get it next year when he realizes there is candy involved!