Friday, March 26, 2010

Family Fitness Day

Gainesville Health & Fitness, a local gym here in Gainesville, sponsored a Family Fitness Day. We heard free t-shirts and a zumba class for kids and we were there. The free t-shirts were only issued after you had your fitness card checked off in eight categories.

1. Soccer Kick
Despite looking like I am doing some serious coaching, Isabella actually just needed a little moral support on the first event. She ended up telling us afterward that the soccer kick was her favorite. Kurt and I sighed as we just passed on signing her up for soccer this year.

Joshua did most of the events as well. We figure he'll grow into his free shirt.

This picture cracks me up! Eye on the ball buddy!

Hula Hoop
(this was one of the events on the adult checklist)
I really didn't exert enough energy to break a sweat hula hooping because I totally couldn't do it. I remember back when I could keep a hula hoop going forever. At least I gave the lady next to me a good laugh. The truth behind the sweaty armpit is we ran to the park with the kids strapped in the jogging stroller.

Kurt looks like a pro!

2. Relay Race

3. Sprints

4. Tug O' War
Kurt was at the other end and managed to beat us while holding Joshua in his arms.

5. Vertical Jump
(no picture but you get the picture)

6.Football Toss

7. Basketball Shot

8. Wheelbarrow/Sack Race

They're a great team!

All eight checks and it was time for t-shirts and slushies.


Rainy Day Farm said...

What a fun activity, I wish we did things like that here. Oh wait, it rains too much!
Actually, I shouldn't complain, we are having wonderful weather.

Mason Family said...

It's so fun to see what you guys are up to :) I can't believe how old Isabella looks! We miss you!!!

Bren said...

Al - what a fun family day! I love that you guys are always getting out and doing fun things as a family. Your kids are super cute! Keep those posts coming; I love to see what you're up to :)

Boyd Family said...

A fitness day is a great idea. It looks like the kids had a blast. I like your sweaty armpit!

Ingrid said...

Yay for so many posts!!! I LOVE this! Your family has to be the most fit family EVER!!!

Allison said...

"Sweaty armpits on the sabbath are my favorite things to have"...I actually did appreciate the armpit explanation.

Sounds like a fun day. We miss you guys. Maybe someday we'll see you guys in person again!